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Making a difference in our world by winning people to Christ, teaching them the Word of God, and training them in the ministry of reaching others for Christ. Matthew 28:19-20

In order to accomplish this vision statement we will:

I. Win people

(II Peter 3:9; Luke 19:10)
Everyone we know needs to know and follow Christ
  • A. Prayer Evangelism
  • B. Servant Evangelism (John 13:35)
  • C. ABC's of Evangelism
  • D. Lifestyle Evangelism
  • Commit enthusiastically to evangelism as our primary mission

    II. Teach them the Word of God

    (II Timothy 2:15; 3:16-17; Joshua 1:8)
    Proclaim God's Word as truth and apply it to people's lives
  • A. Sunday School
  • B. Worship Services
  • C. Discipleship Training
  • D. Other Special Training Sessions

  • III. Train them in the ministry of reaching others

    (Ephesians 4:11-16)
  • Get them involved in a ministry in the church
  • Teach them about giving (time, talent and treasure)
  • Teach them about missions (giving, going, sending)
  • Every member should have a ministry in the church and a mission in the world


    Together let us commit to do whatever it takes in each of our lives, utilizing all of the gifts and resources that God has provided to build a church for the Kingdom of God.

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