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Oneida Trip July 2004

Photos by Stan and Pam Flood
bromike bromike-boys building1 building2 building3 building4 chassity
bromike.jpg bromike-boys.jpg building1.jpg building2.jpg building3.jpg building4.jpg chassity.jpg
chassity1 coonrepellent coonrepellent1 eating eating1 garden group
chassity1.jpg coonrepellent.jpg coonrepellent1.jpg eating.jpg eating1.jpg garden.jpg group.jpg
group1 icecream icecream 1 icecream2 icecream3 icecream4 icecream5
group1.jpg icecream.jpg icecream 1.jpg icecream2.jpg icecream3.jpg icecream4.jpg icecream5.jpg
jan jan2 mark mark-stan mary-amity mrbill-bromike mrbill-bromike1
jan.jpg jan2.jpg mark.jpg mark-stan.jpg mary-amity.jpg mrbill-bromike.jpg mrbill-bromike1.jpg
msgreta pam pam2 singing1 singing2 sunbathing sunbathing1
msgreta.jpg pam.jpg pam2.jpg singing1.jpg singing2.jpg sunbathing.jpg sunbathing1.jpg
swingingbridge swingingbridge1 view1 walkinguphill working youngmen
swingingbridge.jpg swingingbridge1.jpg view1.jpg walkinguphill.jpg working.jpg youngmen.jpg
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