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Sunday School

Sunday School meets every Sunday morning at Oak Grove. Current class divisions are nursery, toddlers, preschool, younger children (kindergarten - grade 2), older children (grades 3 - 5), younger youth (grades 6 - 8), older youth (grades 9 - 12), college & careers, young adults, adults, men, women 1 and women 2.

Literature from LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention is used by all classes except the preschool class. Preschoolers use literature produced by Regular Baptist Press.

Sunday School is the oldest of Oak Grove Baptist Church's education programs. Since its beginning in March 1889, Sunday School has grown. In the early days the roads leading to the church would become muddy in the winter causing Sunday School to close often in January, February and March. Originally all the Sunday School classes met in the church's auditorium.

In addition to its weekly classes the Sunday School department offers a January Bible Study on January Sunday nights. The Sunday School department oversees the church's Vacation Bible School each summer.
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Discipleship Training

Discipleship Training meets Sunday evenings before evening worship. There are classes for each age group: nursery, preschool, children, youth and adults.

Discipleship Training differs from Sunday School in its focus. Sunday School leans toward Bible study and evangelism; Discipleship Training focuses on Christian growth. It is charged with training church members to perform the work of the church; train church leaders; orient new church members; teach Christian theology, ethics, history; and church practices.

Discipleship Training has undergone several name changes. When it was started in the 1930s at Oak Grove it was known as Baptist Young People's Union (BYPU). Since then it has also been called Baptist Training Union (BTU), Training Union and Church Training.
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Women on Mission

Women on Mission oversees the mission education of the women, girls and preschoolers (boys and girls) at Oak Grove. The girls and preschoolers meet on Wednesday nights. The Baptist Young Women meet on the first Thursday night of each month at the home of one of the group's members. Another Women on Mission group meets during the daytime.

Women on Mission began at Oak Grove in the early 1940s as Women's Missionary Union. The Women on Mission group promotes the mission offerings of the church--Annie Armstrong North American Mission Offering, Eliza Broadus State Mission Offering, and the Lottie Moon International Missions Offering.
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Brotherhood educates the men and boys of the church on missions. The boys' mission group meets on Wednesday nights.

Brotherhood began at Oak Grove in 1955 with the assistance from Brotherhood members of the White Sulphur Springs Baptist Church in Caldwell County.

Mission action is a part of the education process at Oak Grove. This action for men and women includes prayer, giving to mission offerings and participating in mission projects locally. Brotherhood prepares a men and boys supper and a Baptist Men's Day emphasis each January.
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Church Music

Under the direction of the church's music director, the church music program educates, trains and coordinates musical performance in the church. The church choir practices Sunday evenings before Discipleship Training. The choir is open to all ages. A variety of musical styles are sung by the choir. The choir usually sings as a part of the Sunday morning worship service and revival services.
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